Fish and Wildlife Manager

A fish and wildlife manager manages populations of wild animals to ensure that the size of a given population of animals is sustainable. In some cases, the wildlife will be made available to humans for recreational hunting or fishing, or for other purposes. A fisheries manager, for example, will conduct research to determine how much of a given fish stock can be harvested by fishermen without jeopardizing that stock’s long-term survival. Based on their research, the manager might set limits to fishing activity or even work with lawmakers to enact national laws to help manage the resource. Management of fisheries and wildlife requires a strong background––most positions require a graduate degree (Master’s or Ph.D.)––in fisheries or wildlife biology but also management and administration. Managers often oversee a lot of staff working on a variety of projects, while also dealing with fishermen, hunters, the general public, and other stakeholders. Good communication and time-management skills are essential.

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