The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

mountain gorilla

The mountain gorillas of Rwanda are the only primate species in the world that is growing in number, making this critically endangered species a success story.  (Photo credit: erwinf/Shutterstock)

The mountain gorillas of war-torn Rwanda are making a comeback. [Read more…]

Concerned Scientists Seek ESA Protection for Monarch Butterflies

monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly populations have declined nearly 97% in recent decades. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Monarch butterfly populations have plummeted in recent decades. As a result, concerned scientists, including those at the Center for Biological Diversity, the Center for Food Safety, the Xerces Society, and monarch scientist Dr. Lincoln Brower, have petitioned the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to protect the butterfly species under the Endangered Species Act. [Read more…]

Society and the Environment: Ocean Currents

rubber duckie

A shipment of rubber ducks lost at sea helped scientists study ocean current movements.

Ocean currents are important in transporting heat, water, nutrients, pollutants, and organisms around the world. Even though they are important, ocean currents have been hard to study. Scientists used to drop labeled bottles in the oceans in different places and then recorded where they were picked up. Now, oceanographers attach transmitters to drifters. These transmitters send their position to satellites overhead, providing scientists with information that is helpful in a variety of ways, from protecting endangered species to making important decisions with far-reaching effects.

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