Nepal’s Fragile Himalayan Ecosystem

Gokyo Lake, Nepal

The Himalayan mountains are an impressive part of the Nepal landscape. (Photo credit: Craig Kassover/National Geographic Society/Corbis)

Nepal is a top destination for trekking – nearly 43 percent of visitors to the country plan to partake in trekking activities. But what impact does trekking have on the country’s fragile Himalayan ecosystem? [Read more…]

Feral Camels Wreak Havoc on the Australian Outback

Australian landscape

The Australian Outback is an arid landscape home to a number of plant and animal species, including non-native species such as feral camels. (Photo credit: Image Source Pink/Alamy)

Kangaroos, koala bears, and wallabies are all animals that are easily associated with Australia. But there are many non-native animals that are wreaking havoc across the Australian countryside.  [Read more…]

Dealing with Waste in Antarctica

Antarctic penguins

Though it is the most pristine continent on Earth, human activities are polluting Antarctica. (Photo credit: ©Photodynamic/Shutterstock)

Given Antarctica’s geographic isolation and extreme climate conditions, is has long been an area of interest to scientists. But what happens to all the waste generated by the annual influx of scientists and their support staff? [Read more…]

Branching Out to Save the Mongolian Forestlands

grassland steppe of Mongolia

While the Mongolian landscape is dominated by the grassland steppe, what little forestland the country has is threatened by deforestation. (Photo credit: Ocean/Corbis)

You normally don’t think of forests when you think of Mongolia, a country known for its extensive grasslands. Forestland, however, accounts for about 8 percent of the Mongolian landscape. Unfortunately, this percentage is decreasing quickly, with potentially catastrophic consequences. [Read more…]

Soil Erosion in Iceland

Iceland view

Iceland is a northern European country known for its fire and ice landscape. (Photo credit: Mirko Macari/Shutterstock)

Though it may be known for its desolate fire and ice landscape, Iceland’s terrain wasn’t always so bleak. In fact, prior to its discovery by the Vikings, over half of this country was once covered in trees, shrubs, and grasses.

[Read more…]

Gaining Access to Safe Drinking Water in Ukraine


Much of Ukraine’s population lives in rural areas, where access to safe drinking water is not easily available. (Photo credit: Yevgen Timashov/beyond/Corbis)

When you think of Europe, you probably don’t think of polluted drinking water. But such is the case for the citizens of Ukraine. [Read more…]