Making a Difference: Climate Scientist

Dr. Susan Solomon

The ozone hole can be seen in this satellite image. The hole is the pale blue and black region immediately above Solomon’s shoulder

Susan Solomon will not soon forget crawling across the roof of an Antarctic field station in windchill temperatures of –62°C (–80°F), moving heavy equipment, and adjusting mirrors while the winds howled and whipped about her. Sounds like an adventure, right? It sure was! But it is just part of what Solomon has done to establish herself as one of the world’s leading authorities on ozone destruction.

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Making a Difference: Dr. E. O. Wilson: Champion of Biodiversity

Dr. E.O. Wilson

Dr. Wilson with one of his favorite subjects—ants.

Dr. Edward Osborne Wilson deserves some of the credit for the fact that this book includes a chapter called “Biodiversity.” Just a few decades ago, the word biodiversity was used by few scientists and wasn’t found in many dictionaries. Dr. Wilson has helped make the concept and value of biodiversity widely recognized, through his extensive research, publishing, organizing, and social advocacy.

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